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Shaft Deformation Is Here to Stay

The Shotmaker addresses a hidden and not commonly known problem with every golf swing, shaft deformation. We understand that it will take time for golfers to understand the true nature of shaft deformation and what the Shotmaker does to reduce or eliminate it. We expect every golfer to question the functionality of the insert. Before we launched the Shotmaker to the public, everyone we presented the product to rejected it outright. The good thing is sinc
  • Shotmaker Installation Guide

    The Shotmaker insert must be installed using this installation guide.
  • Shotmaker Insatllation Guide - Part II

    Insert Torque wrench usage guide.
  • Shotmaker Frequently Asked Questions

    These are some of the frequently asked questions.
  • Modification - Shotmaker Rattle Reduction

    These are steps to mitigate insert rattle during use.
  • Modification - Loose Shotmaker

    Modifications to prevent Shotmaker from getting loose.
  • Shotmaker vs. Grip Weights

    Shotmaker is a direct accuracy booster. Grip weight is not.
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