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User Reviews Posted on Golf Forums

Since the first thread about the Shotmaker was started in June 2011 at, the largest golf forum in the world, Shotmaker users has posted over 4000 comments and over 250,000 golfers have viewed the Shotmaker threads in golf forums everywhere.  It is not an overstatement to say that the Shtomaker is the hottest item in golf.  User reviews has been overwhelmingly positive.

One GolfWRX user commented that the Shotmaker has received over a thousand positive reviews with only a handful of negative reviews. A phenomenon that is so rare even for non-golf product. The Shotmaker must be considered a game changer for golf.

The best way to know about the Shotmaker is from the personal experiences of its users. Below are links to the user reviews posted on GolfWRX, Free Golf Info, 4GEA, Bomb Squad Golf, Toronto Golf Nuts, and OZ Golf websites. Most users credited the Shotmaker for rejuvenating their game and renewing the joy of golf. Some of the reviews are quite heart-warming, while others are downright hilarious.

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This is the link to 4GEA. (Enter the site as a guest. Click Start Reading button onece you are in.  The thread is in the Reviews section. )  Reviews 

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This is the link to OZ Golf, the largest Australian golf forum. Reviews