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Insert Only No Tool

Insert Only No Tool Insert Only No Tool
  • Model : Insert only, No Tool
  • Item No : PWH-83/17/18
  • Shipping Weight : 0.80 lb
  • Warranty : Limited one year warranty



    • Price : $99.99
    • You Pay :$99.99

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The Shotmaker is the first USGA and R&A rules conforming accuracy boosting golf shaft insert of its kind. It is a removable insert made with Ultra-Thin-Ply graphite (UTP). The most vulverable section of a golf shaft is its tip section. Upon impacting the golf ball, the shaft and particularly the tip section vibrates violently. Golf shafts will bend into an S shape with the percussion point located near the kick point. This vibration wave is called S Wave. It is the cause of wobbling club head. The Shotmaker insert eliminates the S Wave, stops the club head wobble as to improve accuracy up to 40%.  The insert is 12" long and weighs only 4 grams.

This package includes only the insert itself and do not come with insert tool nor grip cap hole cutter.  

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