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Utra Thin Ply Graphite(UTP)

The more layers of graphite prepreg used tomake a golf shaft,the easier iit is for a golf shaft designer acurately tune the shaft's ex and torsion to meet its design objective.UTP Graphite weighs 50 grams per square meter as measured to a typical prepreg weighing 150 grams or more. Using UPT graphite, a golf shaft would be built with 3 times more layers than a typical graphite shaft. The end product is a highly consistent, accurate, and high performance golf shaft.


Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes(SWNT)

SWNT are known as one of the lightest and strongest materials avialable today.its unique property lies in its super light thin structure and an exceptional length-to-diameter ratio of over 1,000,000:1. When embedded in the tip section, the weakest part of a golf shaft, SWNTs enhance its strength and stability with negligible weight increase. The result of this addition is a lighter, longer and more accurate golf shaft.