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Dynamic Flex Profile (DFP)

Most golf shafts maintain a similar flex profle throughout various flexes. In this scenario, a lower launching shaft, suitable for a scratch golfer, may be less than ideal for a golfer with a slower swing. Our patented DFP remedies this dilemma. As the overall stiffness of the shaft increases, its tip section stiffens and its resistance to torque increases to generate a more boring ball flight. From the illustration below, you can see one aspect of the DFP design. The tip and first taper sections of the R flex shaft are lengthened to give it a higher launch angle as compared to the S flex shaf


Inlaid Titanium Matrix (ITM)

The tip section of a golf shaft is usually the most vulnerable due to its small diameter. It is also the most important because the club head is attached to it. Our patented Inlaid Titanium Matrix places a thin layer of titanium around the tip section of a golf shaft to increase its stability, reducing shaft deformation and twisting for maximum accuracy and consistency. ITM is particularly beneficial for shafts that are subject to significant impact during play.