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What Does Shotmaker Do?

Its Principle Functions

The Shotmaker does two things: it dampens impact shock (but not residual vibration), and it significatnly reduces or elimintes shaft deformation. The part about dampening impact shock is easily understood, but the part about interrupting shaft deformation is not.

It Reduces Shaft Deformation 

Shaft deformatino is inherent in every golf shaft. It is not a result of a poorly fitted golf shaft, nor is it a by-product of a soft shaft tip. As one of the best golfer in the world, it is fair to assume that Tiger woods' golf shaft was properly fitted to him. Below is a link to a high speed golf swing video of Tiger Woods on YouTube. This is the link. Video From the video, we can all see that the shaft deformation process is apparent throughout most of the swing.

Some have also suggested that shaft deformation is a phenomenon that is particular to graphite shafts. Below is a link to a high speed video showing a golf swing by Luke Donald with a steel-shafted iron. This is the link. Video 
We can all see from the video that shaft deformation does not discriminate bewteen graphite and steel. (To be clear, Tiger Woods and Luke Donald are not sponsored by Harrison, nor do they endorse any Harrison product.)

Shaft deformation contributes to a significant increase in inaccuracy. Reducing shaft deformation has been the Holy Grail of shaft designer everywhere. But as long as there is one shaft body, shaft deformation will always be there, and these two videos are perfect examples.

The Shotmaker interrupts the shaft deformation process because it is a foreign body sitting inside the golf shaft. It made it difficult for the shaft deformation to manifest itself during golf swing as to produce up to a 40% increase in accuracy and up to 30% reduction in side spin.

It Reduces Impact Shock

What the Shotmaker does to reduce shock impact also contributes to a higher degree of accuracy. Human hands are not the hand of a robot. Human skin and flesh are soft. Lower impact shock has its benefits. That said, the Shotmaker does not dampen residual vibrations like Sensicore because it does not contain any soft elements on its exterior. Residual vibrations transmit feel, and we want them to pass through to the golfer.

It Preserves Playing Characterstics of the Golf Shaft

The Shotmaker sits at least 6" away from the tip of the golf shaft and below the flex point. It is positioned to preserve the playing characteristics of the original golf shaft. The Shotmaker is locked at one point only. It allows the golf shaft to bend and twist around it. Therefore, it contributes to a minimal increase in overall stiffness of the golf shaft.

It took Harrison 7 years to develop this product. Harrison has received 4 patents and has pending patent on the Shotmaker design.