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True 4-Way Cambered Sole

Open or Close Clubface Up to 3 Degree

A sole plate is called a 4-way camber sole when it is cambered from toe to heel and from front to back. Its objective is to enhance playability and aerodynamics. It is a default feature of most tour use equipment.

Most drivers on the market today have a limited cambered sole with a firm sitting position. Few, if any, have a true 4-way cambered sole that is completely round. Club head designers clearly saw the benefits of a round sole plate because their literature touted the benefits of having one. We surmise that the logo placement on the sole plate may have inadvertently created a sitting position for most clubs.

In the era of adjustability, a true 4-way cambered sole is a diamond in the rough. With a round sole plate, golfers are no longer limited by the sitting position of the club. He or she can easily change the orientation of the shaft to open or close clubface up to 3 degree. A clubmaker can now use the same club head to build a driver with a face angle range of 6 degree, without the additional weight of a pentagon piece on the sole plate.

A true 4-way cambered sole is proudly featured on the V4i driver.


4 way 1

4 way 2