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A Blind Pursuit of the Next Wonder Shaft

As golfers' shaft knowledge advances and the recognition of a shaft's role as the engine of the club becomes common knowledge, an inevitable but unfortunate trend has emerged: the blind pursuit of the next wonder shaft. Recognizing this all too human reaction, many manufacturers within the golf industry are more than happy to feed this desire.

This vendor and user relationship has produced a strange phenomenon in the market place. If you examine the most popular shafts on the market today, you will find that all of them weigh around 65 grams. If you look further, you will also find that regardless of a vendor's claim all of them have a torque rating ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 degrees - a fairly small range.

The price range among these popular shafts is even more amazing. If you shop online, they are listed at popular websites from as low as $40 to over $200. Even if money is no object for the sake of the game, what is evidently ridiculous is the notion that the same wonder shaft will fit all golfers. We cannot help but question what the difference is between these wonder shafts and one that costs much less .

An overwhelming factor behind the success of any tour player is their usage of custom fitted and custom built clubs. The large number of tour vans and tour reps can easily attest to this fact. For anyone aspiring to reach the skill level of a tour player, a good place to start is by insisting on a properly chosen and fitted shaft for your swing, not by blindly matching the contents of a tour player's bag.

Should you decide to be fitted, insist on a fitting process that encompasses a large range of shaft selection, not one that goes from wonder shaft A to wonder shaft D.

Harrison offers a large collection of shafts ranging in weight from 50 gram  to 80 gram, in launch angle from extra low of Mugen Prototype to extra high of the Capri, in flex profile from the firm tip of the Mugen Black to the active tip of the Zephyr shaft. Each one of our shafts is designed to match a particular golfer profile.

At Harrison, we take pride in making the finest hand wrapped shafts in the market. We are proud to say that we do not make one wonder shaft that fits all golfers. Indeed, every golfer is unique and each shaft should be designed to complement the uniqueness of every swing.