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The Curious Case of Shaft Pricing

One issue that has always intrigued us is how our competition has been able to charge upward of $ 300 for a golf shaft when you can buy a name brand driver for less than $ 150. Some even have expensive shafts pre-installed in them. How can the full club cost only half the price of the shaft by itself? To make sure that we have not committed gross negligence in pricing our own shafts, we decided to conduct a pricing study of some of the most popular shafts in the market to see if there is something that we can learn from our competition. 65 grams and 3.5 degree of torque are very popular specifications for a wood shaft. Therefore, we decided to review the pricing for shafts around these specifications to see if we have missed something. The following table shows pricing obtained from the Golfsmith and Clubmaker-online websites on March 26, 2010. For your reference, we do keep printouts of these pricing on file in case you need to verify them.


As you can see from the table above, significant pricing gap exists between shafts of the same maker and of similar specifications. The largest price difference is $ 210, while the average price gap is around $ 150. This is truly extraordinary, considering we do not even offer a shaft at $ 150.

There must be some properties of extraordinary nature to account for the additional $ 150 charge. Nevertheless, the specifications are virtually the same. It would probably be a much better deal to buy the cheaper shaft and save the money for a new driver, considering how many of them are going for $ 150 nowadays. In this arrangement, you will get a new shaft and a new driver. What a deal!

By reviewing this pricing study along with the past two robot test results, one cannot help but notice the value behind every Harrison shaft. Many golfers are influenced by Tour player usage, a direct result of hefty endorsement contracts. If what the consumer seeks is what they saw on TV, the store owner must comply. However, we dare to propose that for every three golfers seeking new equipment, one will value performance over vanity. This is particularly true in a difficult economy. It is entirely up to the store owner to show consumers the difference.

Legal Note: The company names and shaft model names are registered trademarks and trademarks of their respective companies.