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Shotmaker vs. Grip Weights

The Shotmaker is the first USGA rules conforming accuracy boosting shaft insert of its kind. It is also the first legitimate accuracy booster in golf history.

The Shotmaker is a removable insert that is made with ultra-thin-ply graphite (UTP). It is about 12" long and weighs only 4 grams.  Most accuracy enhancement devices augment accuracy indirectly. However, the Shotmaker directly improves accuracy by improving shaft stability, eliminating deformation and lowering impact vibrations. It is so effective that accuracy improves up to 40%, and spin rate decreases up to 10%. The Shotmaker’s performance enhancements have been proven repeatedly at independent robot and player tests.   grip-lock_2_1779_01

The contemporary grip weight is the combination of two concepts: vibration damping and heavy club. Vibration damping devices have been around for a long time. Its concept is well understood. Since the introduction of the Heavy Putter, some golfers have come to appreciate the benefits of a heavier club that induces a slower swing.

Grip weight makers have claimed that heavy grip weight, up to 150 grams, improves accuracy, but this accuracy claim is more or less in line with the accuracy claim by heavy clubs. Grip weight, by itself, does not directly improve accuracy. It helps improve accuracy indirectly by making golfers swing slower. It is the slower and steadier swing that improves accuracy. On the other hand, the Shotmaker directly improves accuracy.  

We strive to make Shotmaker light so that it does not impede golfer’s swing. It is intended for all clubs. On the hand, grip weights are very heavy. They are designed to slow down golfer’s swing. Therefore, almost all grip weights are used in putters only.