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Shotmaker : Independent Robot Tests

The most vulnerable section of a golf shaft is its tip section, particularly around the kick point because upon impact this is the area that vibrates and deforms the most.  We know that if we stabilize this area, shot accuracy will improve.  In the past, shaft makers offered tip stiff shafts with a more stable tip section, but its strength was also its weakness as many golfers found tip stiff shafts to be unresponsive in play.  With the exception of strong golfers, average golfers have shunned away from tip stiff shafts.



A Removable Golf Shaft Insert 

With the invention of the patented Shotmaker device, we now have a new tool, a shaft insert, which could be used to stabilize the tip section.  Because the insert is not glued to the golf shaft, it does not generate a proportional increase in stiffness as compared to the conventional method of stiffening the tip.  After all, the insert does move and flex while it is wedged inside the golf shaft.


We hypothesized that by strategically placing an insert in the tip section, the section immediately above the parallel tip, we should be able to increase accuracy while minimizing increase in overall stiffness.  Therefore, we commissioned two separate independent robot tests by Golf Lab with two different clubs to prove our hypothesis.       




Independent Robot Tests 

Even though robot tests were conducted months apart with different clubs, we observed that in all tests carry dispersion was consistently better with the insert.  Carry dispersion is the shot dispersion measured where the ball lands, not its final stopping point.  It is a better measurement of accuracy.  Below are the test results of the robot tests:


Note: Independent robot tests were conducted by Golf Lab - Carlsbad, California. 8 center hits were recorded. Titleist, TaylorMade and Alpha tests were conducted months apart.  Comparisons between clubs are not meaningful. 

Just to make it very clear about the robot testing process.  As a standard protocol for robot testing, we simply sent the clubs to the Golf Lab for testing.  No one from Harrison was present at the test site.  The tests were conducted by the Golf Lab independently.  The testing procedures are well established in the golf industry.


Improve Accuracy Up to 40% 

From these tests, we observed that changes in total distance, launch angle, and maximum ball height were statistically insignificant.  However, whenever an insert was used, we noted that it produced consistent and significant improvement in carry dispersion.  In the test with a TaylorMade driver, the carry dispersion narrowed from 11.56 yds to 6.83 yds, a 41% improvement.  In the second test with a Titleist driver, the carry dispersion narrowed from 11.50 yds to 3.22 yds, a 72.8% improvement.


Clearly, the Shotmaker insert significantly stabilized the tip section of the shaft, resulting in greater accuracy.  To give you a bit of a background on the behavior of the golf shaft, upon impacting the golf ball, the shaft and particularly the tip section vibrates greatly.  Some shafts may even bend into an S shape around the kick point.  The insert prevented excessive vibration around the kick point and hence improved accuracy.


It Weighs Only 4 Grams 

The Shotmaker insert, made with ultra-thin-ply graphite, weighs only 4 grams, and by itself increases swing weight by one.  However, when used with the grip lock, it is swing weight neutral.  The insert increases frequency by 5 cpm, roughly half a step in stiffness.  It is made to fit most, not all, smooth bore golf shafts.  The Shotmaker is removable and is not glued to the inside wall of the shaft.  Otherwise, the stiffness of the shaft would be significantly higher.  The insert has minimal impact on shaft torque and trajectory.


Produce More Solid Shots 

During player tests, one of the most common comments from test players was that the shots were much more solid.  The Shotmaker kit includes a tip insert and a lockable grip cap.  A telescoping insert tool with a built-in torque wrench will be provided to the store free of charge.  A grip cap cutter will be sold separately.  The Shotmaker device conforms with USGA rules.  Soon you can find out for yourself.  It is available on June 1st.