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Shotmaker Reviews at GolfWRX


It has been about 3 months since the release of the Shotmaker™.  Over 250 stores nationwide have become dealers and the list continues to grow daily.  On what is arguably the largest golf forum in the world,, users have raved about their success with the Shotmaker.  In a little more than 90 days, there has been over 1500 posts and over 85,000 page views. 


shotmaker insert

Below are some excerpts gathered from within the thread by users from all over the nation.  To date, all of the reviews are positive without a single Shotmaker ™ returned.  We are extremely pleased and look forward to continued success stories. 

"This thing works!"

"This is going to be the innovation of the year."

"I put it in and got instant feedback. It fits. It works. I recommend it."

"It is the one true innovation that cures the hooks and slices. The ball has no side spin, or very, very little."

"My great shots were epic, my good shots were great, my so so shots went fine and my bad shots were still bad."

"Keep looking for someone to say something along the lines of... "good concept - but it didn't work for me..." not seeing it!" 


"I'll tell you one thing. I am not letting the guys I play with regularly for skins know about it. That would not benefit me in any way."

"It is the one true innovation that cures the hooks and slices. The ball has no side spin, or very, very little."  

"People are begging to hit my driver... I am hitting the ball much better than before installing the Shotmaker..... I am ordering one for my 3wood PERIOD..... this thing is legit."


"I can't believe how SOLID contact now feels like. If I take the Shotmaker out of shaft, it almost feels like the head is loose. I'm calling my improvement with the "Shotmaker" as the 20's. I'm hitting 20% more fairways, GIR's and improved HCP by 20% well almost."

"As promised, the Shotmaker really shines in tightening dispersion and knocking down sidespin significantly. I hit a couple drives on the toe, which normally produces a pretty big sweeping draw that ends up somewhere in the left rough. With the Shotmaker, the toe shots went virtually straight!!!"

"There was a red pin about 275 yards out so. I said I was going to aim toward that. My FIRST shot toward the red stake it carried and dropped about 2 yards in front of it and hit it dead on.. about a 273ish carry."

"My fairways are up 22% from 50 percent before to 72% after installing the Shotmaker. Which has my GIR's up 16% and has changed my handicap from a -1.2 to a +1.5 in one month+."

 "So I hook one and sliced one and it turned into a straight pull or push..... This thing has no side spin! I remarked to him that these balls should be going 100+ yards right and left but no. If this was the fairway, I would be just on the edges."

"It really knocks off side spin, and has bought the ball flight down slightly. I feel like I'm hitting nice trajectory bullets."

 "It seems like there may be something to this product. I didn't have any noticeable trajectory change, but the club feels more solid at impact. As others have said, bad swings still get punished, but marginal swings (especially toe shots) seem to be better than the norm. I was still able to cut or draw the ball as well, maybe not as pronounced as usual. I only missed 3 fairways yesterday" 

"I missed a lot of fairways and hit a lot of hooks WITHOUT the Shotmaker. I don't know what to interpret from this, other than to say I am ordering 3 more..."

 "Played today. Hit 10 of 14 fairways and was in the first cut of rough on 3 others and just inside the holes tree line with 1. Delighted! No loss in distance. It's great to be playing from the fairway more regularly! So much easier to control approach shots from the short stuff."

"The verdict, if you like to hit straight drives, this device is for you.”

Golfers everywhere are demanding to have the Shotmaker. What are you waiting for?

Below is a link to the GolfWRX forum postings on the Shotmaker. Check it out for yourself.

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