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The Shotmaker Player Tests

Conducted By:
Gary Winters, PGA Professional
Tee It Up Golf Range, Ozawkie, Kansas

Control Group:
6 Golfers, 7 drivers sampled
3 golfers used their own driver, 1 golfer used 2 of his drivers, 2 golfers used drivers provided by the shop (to allow for the use of the Shotmaker).  All drivers had been previously fit to the respective golfer using a current Harrison golf shaft.  Shafts represented in this test were the Saga 60 & 70 series, Mugen Red 70, and the Striper Tour 70. Club heads used were the Hathaway V-4, Bangster, Krank El Diablo, Mondeo Cup face, and Bang Storm offset.
Group Breakdown: 
Handicaps range from 2 – 23.  All male golfers with 1 left hander. Swing speeds range from 85 mph – 110 mph, low/medium load to very high load.
Weather Conditions:  
Cloudy, 6-8 mph north wind (range faces south), 30 – 35 degrees F, 70% humidity.

Test Location and Date:
Tee It Up golf range, Meriden, KS; December 22, 2010

Test Facilitator: 
Gary Winters, PGA Professional & owner, PGA Member since 1997,
Professional club fitter and instructor since 1994, Tel: 785-554-9249, Email:

Test Format: 
Outdoor test, on a driving range using “real” golf balls (not printed range balls).
All testers hit to a clearly defined 32 yard wide fairway.
All testers (after hitting warm up balls) hit 10 balls without the Shotmaker in their driver. Where the ball landed was noted in relation to the center of the fairway.
Then 10 balls were hit with the Shotmaker installed in the driver with the landing spot noted in relation to center.

Result Notation: 
Fairway: Any ball landing in the fairway beyond 150 yards was noted as a Fairway shot. 
Quality: Any ball landing beyond 150 yards within 5 yards of the fairway boundary was counted as a Quality shot.
Out: Any ball not holding to the aforementioned results was not considered as either a Quality shot or a Fairway shot and thus not counted in the Fairway/Quality percentage.

Test Data:


Following its initial round of player testing, the Harrison Shotmaker has shown to significantly improve driving accuracy without a loss in feel or performance. It should be noted that the test’s focus was on the device’s effect on accuracy of ball flight. The golfers’ feedback about club’s feel and use with the Shotmaker installed was noted. Driving distance was observed but not measured in this test as the test conditions were not ideal due to cold weather and the participants’ lack of recent playing and practice time. However, no visible loss in driving distance was observed with the Shotmaker installed.

Although the test sample was small, the Shotmaker’s benefits were noticeable regardless of the skill level or swing style. Side spin reduction was consistently observed with each golfer, measured with Vector launch monitor. Consistent golfers hit more fairways and inconsistent golfers had more playable drives and their wild drives did not veer nearly as far off line (although still out of play by this test’s standards). 

For the golfers characterized by wild and or inconsistent drives, the improvement came by an average increase in fairway shots by 29% while drives in play (fairway and quality hits combined)  improved by 57%.

For the golfers characterized as more consistent and/or straighter hitting golfers, the greatest improvement came in the fairways hit category with the group averaging a 43% increase followed by a 19% increase in drives in play.

As a whole, fairway hits improved by 35% while drives in play improved by 41%.

Player's Reactions:  
The drivers all had “fuller” sounds and felt “more solid”. The stable feel at impact was noticeable by most of the golfers other than the most wild and inconsistent swingers. Four of the six golfers were ready to acquire the Shotmaker when it becomes available and the others had strong interest based on price and more testing. 

Application & Use: 
The Shotmaker took a few minutes to install and remove. The change in the club’s feel and “swing ability” to the golfer was not noticeable to any golfer other than the sound and feel at impact.

Even with the adverse playing conditions, the Shotmaker had the effect of making each and every driver more forgiving. This is an innovation that has the potential to deliver tremendous benefits for golfers for years to come.