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Shotmaker Installation Guide

The Shotmaker insert is made with ultra-thin-ply graphite. It is paper thin and extremely fragile. User must handle it with care. It will break if it is bent or squeezed by hand. Its only authorized usage is described below. All unauthorized usage will cause breakage. Harrison does not warrant the insert against breakage due to unauthorized use or accidental breakage. Each model of insert is designed to fit certain shaft models, but not all. Please check with your golf professional or Harrison for compatibility.

Opening a Grip Cap Hole:hole_cutter_462_01

Mount the ½” grip cap cutter (optional) onto an electric drill. Open a hole at the center of the grip cap. Clean out any grip tape inside with an X-Acto knife.


Inserting the Shotmaker:


Loosen the insert screw. (Do not remove it.) Place the insert inside the golf shaft, and let it drop all the way in. Extend the telescoping tool fully. Use the tool to tap lightly on the insert and then engage the insert screw. Turn the yellow handle clockwise until it clicks. The insert is now locked in place.


Installing Grip Lock:

Push the grip lock into the grip cap hole. Collapse the telescopinggrip-lock_2_1779_04 tool and use the hex tip of the insert tool to engage the grip lock screw. Tighten the screw by turning the black color section of the tool handle clockwise until the grip lock is secured.


Removing Grip Lock:

Use the insert tool to engage the grip lock screw. Turn the yellow tool handle counter-clockwise to loosen it. Remove the grip lock by hand.


Removing Insert:

Insert the fully extended tool inside the golf shaft to engage the insert screw. Turn the yellow tool handle counter-clockwise until the screw is disengaged. Lower the grip end of the club allowing the screw to drop out. Reinsert the tool until it contacts the insert. Turn the yellow handle clockwise 3 full turns to engage the insert. Pull out the insert.  To cover the grip cap hole, reinstall the grip lock and lock it in place.  


Storing Insert:


Reinstall the insert screw back into the locking end of the insert. Tighten it very lightly by hand. Place the insert inside its clear protective tube and cap both ends.