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Shotmaker Insatllation Guide - Part II

Torque Wrench Usage - Third Time's a Charm

The Shotmaker insert tool has a built in torque wrench. The torque rating of this wrench is very low.  It has 1/40 the strength as compared to a regular adjustable driver torque wrench. Because the torque is so minuscule, it is possible that upon the first click the wrench may not yet be operating at full strength. Therefore, we recommend that when you tighten the insert screw, turn it slowly until you hear 3 clicks. With 3 clicks at slow turning motion, we are confident that full torque strength has been applied to lock the insert in place.

Warning: Never use the black part of the wrench to lock the insert. You will break the golf shaft.

Insert Screw Came Loose


When the insert is marginally compatible to the golf shaft, meaning the diameter of the insert butt end is much smaller than that of the golf shaft, there is a higher likelihood that the screw may come loose. To prevent the screw from coming loose, a tacky agent may come in handy.

Purchase Elmer’s Repositionable School Glue Stick, dsc_0003-1_8610.53 oz, white, from office supply stores like Office Depot, Staple, etc. (available at  $ 3.99 for 2 sticks).  Apply a layer of the white glue to the screw thread. Allow the glue to air dry for 60 seconds. Insert the screw back into the black expandable lock. Then install the Shotmaker insert according authorized installation procedures.

The purpose of the repositionable glue stick is to act as a tacky agent. It is not to permanently lock the screw to the insert.  The repositionable glue stays tacky over a longer period of time as compared to common glue sticks.

Warning: Industrial thread locks, such as the Locite Thread Locker Blue, are solvent based product. They will react with the plastic expandable lock as to weaken its structure. Upon contact with the Thread Locker Blue, the expandable lock will break apart within one hour.