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Shotmaker Essentials

The Shotmaker is the first USGA rules conforming accuracy boosting golf shaft insert of its kind. It is also the first legitimate accuracy booster in golf history. Naturally, that also means it is a concept that is entirely foreign to the golfing public.  This write-up contains essential information that we hope will make your experience using and marketing the Shotmaker a breeze.



What is it?

The Shotmaker is a removable insert that is made with ultra-thin-ply graphite (UTP). It is about 12" long and weighs only 4 grams. The insert wall is paper thin. It will break if squeezed by two fingers or bent by one hand. shotmaker-inside-club2_550The Shotmaker kit comes with a grip lock to prevent insert removal during play.   Most accuracy enhancement devices augment accuracy indirectly. However, the Shotmaker directly improves accuracy by improving shaft stability, eliminating deformation and lowering impact vibrations. It is so effective that accuracy improves up to 40%, and spin rate decreases up to 10%. The Shotmaker’s performance enhancements have been proven repeatedly at independent robot and player tests.  



Can I Glue the Insert to the Shaft?

The Shotmaker is locked inside the golf shaft at one point only. This revolutionary design allows the insert and the shaft to flex and twist normally. As a result, it has insignificant effect on stiffness, launch angle and torque. If the insert were glued to the shaft, then it will not be able flex and twist freely within the shaft. The golf shaft will be much stiffer and its playing characteristics will be negatively altered.   



What to Expect

The first impression using the insert is that every shot is much more solid. When observing the shot dispersion with and without the insert, you will notice that shot dispersion narrows up to 40% with the insert. With Shotmaker, good shots are even better, and bad shots are not as bad.  



A Reversible Change

The Shotmaker insert is removable. It does not permanently alter the club. 



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are highly confident that golfers will see the benefits of the Shotmaker. Therefore, each insert comes with a 30 day money back guaranty.  If you feel that the flex of your insert is not the correct one, your Shotmaker dealer will offer you an exchange.    



The Insert Tool is Optional

The telescoping insert tool is also available as an optional item for golfers who want to experiment with the Shotmaker unassisted. shotmaker-insert-tool_2_3194A grip cap cutter to be used to cut a ½” circular hole at the grip cap is also available from Harrison. Many stores already have similar tools for installing grip weights. Our grip cap cutter works similarly.   



Don't Take it for Granted

The construction of the Shotmaker is very simple. Once its functionality is understood, there is a natural inclination to assume everyone automatically understand how it works while failing to recognize that it is the first device of its kind. Its concept is not understood by most golfers. For golf professionals, we strongly suggest that you assume golfers in general do not understand how it works and proceed to explain to them the premise of this invention along with its features and benefits.   



It is Easy to Mess Up

The best idea is usually the simplest idea. Harrison has spent years simplifying this device. However, because it is so simple, it is easy to assume that you know how to install it.  If you try to install the insert without reading the instructions fully, you will break it.  We have several examples for your reference (all of them are industry veterans): a respected clubmaker with extensive repair experience, a hand-on store owner who runs multiple stores, a master club builder of one of the largest golf companies in the world. They all assumed that they knew how to install the device without reading the instructions, and they all broke either the insert or the tool. 



A Store Installed Device

Initially we envisioned the Shotmaker as an end user installed device, but the more we think through it, the more we conclude that it works better as a store installed device. The followings are our reasoning:  


- Golf pros have the knowledge and experience to determine if the insert fits the golfer properly;

- Golf pros are better educated to determine if the insert fits properly inside the golf shaft;

- The insert is very fragile. It is less likely to have breakage if it is handled by golf pros;

- By making it a store installed device, it promotes the benefits of proper fitting;

- For golfers who want to experiment with the insert, the insert tool can be purchased as an option. 



Grip Lock or No Grip Lock?

Each Shotmaker kit comes with a grip lock. It weighs only 5 grip-lock_2_1779grams. Whether to use it or not is entirely up to you. The first question is should you use it or just grip over the insert. There is no perfect answer to this question. For golfers who do not like to tinker with his/her club, there are reasons to advocate not using the grip lock to reduce overall weight. That said some in the industry have advocated the benefits of counter-balancing weight near the grip cap. With the grip lock installed, the Shotmaker device is swing weight neutral. Without the grip lock, swing weight will increase by one. A ½” black nylon cap can also be used to cap the grip cap hole. When a nylon cap is used, it must be glued in place to conform with USGA rules. We suggest that you glue the nylon cap in place with the Gorilla glue because it is a soft glue that permits future removal.


The Difference between Shotmaker and Grip Weight

The contemporary grip weight is the combination of two concepts: vibration damping and heavy club. Vibration damping devices have been around for a long time. Its concept is well understood. Since the introduction of the Heavy Putter, some golfers have come to appreciate the benefits of a heavier club that induces a slower but steadier swing.  


Grip weight is the combination of these two concepts. Grip weight makers have claimed that heavy grip weight, up to 150 grams, improves accuracy, but this accuracy claim is more or less in line with the accuracy claim by heavy clubs. Grip weight, by itself, does not directly improve accuracy. It helps improve accuracy indirectly by making golfers swing slower. It is the slower and steadier swing that improves accuracy. On the other hand, the Shotmaker directly improves accuracy.