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Shaft Deformation Is Here to Stay

The Shotmaker addresses a hidden and not commonly known problem with every golf swing, shaft deformation. We understand that it will take time for golfers to understand the true nature of shaft deformation and what the Shotmaker does to reduce or eliminate it. We expect every golfer to question the functionality of the insert.

Before we launched the Shotmaker to the public, everyone we presented the product to rejected it outright. The good thing is since then nearly all of parties who rejected it initially all changed their mind. 

Conventional Wisdom       
The clubs are made by a highly respected golf company. They are shafted with the most expensive custom golf shafts available.  The fitting was performed by a well-known fitting center.  Everything that can be done to make them the best money can buy has been done. 

The Shotmaker is for golfers with poorly fitted equipment.  If they need the Shotmaker, the tip of their shaft is too soft.  Tour players use only top-notch equipment.  They are living proof that shaft deformation does not apply to perfectly fitted equipment.

Shaft deformation is the S-shaped vibration of a golf shaft initiated by a golf swing. The S wave is the most prominent when golfer loads his/her club. Below are links to slow motion golf swing videos of some of the best golfers in the world.  Let's see if they could escape the wrath of shaft deformation. (To be clear, none of the golfers listed below are sponsored by Harrison, nor do they endorse any Harrison product.)

Charl Schwartzel  (driver)  Video

Rory McIlroy (driver)  Video

Nick Watney (fairway wood)  Video

Luke Donald (steel-shafted iron)  Video

It is apparent from the videos.  Shaft deformation is an inherent part of every golf club.

The conventional wisdom is false.  Shaft deformation is present even with the best fitted equipment.  Golf shaft deformation contributes up to 50% of inaccuracy.

The Shotmaker is a foreign object wedged inside a golf shaft.  When the golf shaft bends and twists during golf swing, the insert counteracts the shaft deformation process as to improve accuracy up to 40%. 

It conforms with USGA and R&A rules and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.