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Modification - Shotmaker Rattle Reduction

Shotmaker fits many shafts  

Presently we offer only one model of the Shotmaker insert, model 83.  It fits 85-90 % of .335” tip shafts in the market and roughly 50 % of .350” tip golf shafts. During the development of this insert, we surveyed the internal dimension and taper profile of popular .335” tip high performance golf shafts in the market place. The dimension of this insert represents a norm of the industry. That is why it fits so many of them. If the golfer seeks a perfect fit, please use Harrison Mugen, Eclipse and Saga. Most popular Fujikura and Aldila (except Voodoo) also fits nicely. 

But it will not fit all 

However, there is only one insert, and there are countless models of golf shafts in the market place. The 83 insert will not fit every one. When the golf shaft has a fat tip section, a gap may exist between the insert and the shaft as to cause rattle during use. Two questions naturally arise. The first one is could the dimensional gap be mitigated, and the second one is to what extend is it correctible.  

Only minor rattle can be corrected 

Minor dimensional gap can be corrected by a dealer. This is how to correct it. First of all, you need to determine if the gap is too big. If there is a rattle, wrap a ½” width masking tape over the tip of the insert (one layer only) to see if it gets rid of the rattle, if it does, then the insert could be modified. If not, this golf shaft is not compatible with the Shotmaker. 

To modify it, wrap a piece of masking tape ½” away from the tip of the insert. Abrade the first ½” of the insert with 600 grid wet/dry sand paper to improve bonding. Apply a thin layer of 5 minute epoxy over the first ½” of the insert. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes. Remove the masking tape and the insert is ready.  

Modification void 30 day money back guarantee

The dimension of the insert is based upon a popular norm. Any modification to it will only reduce the number of shafts it fits. Once a modification is made, it may not fit your next shaft. Golfer needs to proceed with care. Any modification to the insert will void its 30-day money back guarantee.