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Modification - Loose Shotmaker

When the interior taper ratio of a golf shaft is higher than the exterior taper ratio of the insert, there will be a gap between the insert and the golf shaft. The larger the gap, the more likely the insert may come loose.


Jonny Epstein of Awalkspoiled Custom Golf in Lenox, MA developed the following dealer modification: 



1. Abrade the exterior of the 5 prongs of the expansion lock with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper to improve bonding. Please abrade it dry.


2. Shake the Plasti Dip can well and then apply a thin layer of the Plasti Dip rubber coating on the exterior of the expansion lock. You could use one edge of a business card as a squeezy to apply the coating.  The Plasti Dip is available from Home Depot and Lowe’s. A 14 oz can costs around $ 6.50.  


3. Plasti Dip suggests a 4 hours drying time before use. From our experience, a thin layer drys in 30 minutes.


Please note that any modification to the insert voids the 30 day money back guarantee.