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Lifetime Warranty with Proper Ferrule Installation

he ferrule guards the shaft by forming a pocket or cushion of epoxy between the shaft and the top of the hosel. Our most recent studies on shaft breakage conclude there is a much higher ratio of breakage when using O-rings, short ferrules or no ferrules at all.

lifetime_warranty_167The new Harrison Lifetime Warranty covers breakage only if two critical steps are followed during assembly: 1. countersinking the hosel 20 degrees and, 2. the installation of a countersunk ferrule that is AT LEAST 3/4" LONG. If you cannot find the right type of ferrules, Harrison carries the recommended ones. These ferrules are black with two clear rings.

Clubmakers commonly ask if they need to use ferrules with irons that have rounded hosels. The answer is yes if you want to be covered under our lifetime warranty. We recommend that you grind the top of the hosel flat with a belt sander so the ferrule will sit flush with the hosel.

Some customers may have resistance to the installation of ferrules. In this case, inform the customers that the shafts will not be covered unless the above procedures are followed. The bottom line is to let your customer decide.