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Installing Shotmaker for Long Driver

The Shotmaker is a super light weight graphite insert that is wedged inside the golf shaft. It is locked at one point only near the butt end of the insert. This ingenious design allows golf shaft to flex and twist normally. Naturally, the centrifugal force generated by golf swing will push the insert toward the shaft tip.


When swing speed is less than 130 mph, hillman_dry_powdered_graphite_lubricant_488_01the insert will stop when its tip diameter matches the internal diameter of the golf shaft as to prevents the insert from moving any further. However, when swing speed exceeds 130 mph, it is possible that the insert could be so forward pressed by centrifugal force inside the golf shaft as to make it difficult to remove. In this situation, we suggest that you coat the insert with a layer of dry powdered graphite lubricant to facilitate its removal.


We recommend that you use the Hillman Powdered Graphite Lubricant (available from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Orchard at $ 2.27 a tube) for this purpose. The best way to apply the graphite lubricant is to spray the graphite powder on a piece of paper tower that is at least 16” long. Proceed to roll the insert over the graphite powder until you see graphite powder speckled over the entire insert. To make it easier for graphite powder to stick to the insert, you can wipe it with a dishcloth damped with water based grip solvent (similar to Golfsmith grip solvent). After this step, you can then install the insert following Shotmaker’s authorized installation procedures.