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Harrison vs. Stock Shafts

One of the byproducts of our long-standing demo day program has been the realization that many golfers are quick to blame themselves for problems caused by either misfitted golf clubs or inferior equipment. 

In our demonstrations, we provide drivers that are made to the same loft, lie, length and head weight. Each demo driver has a different Harrison shaft in it. First, we will ask the golfer to hit his driver. After analyzing his swing, we will then fit the player with a properly selected Harrison shaft. The average yardage gained typically exceeds 20 yards.

Over the past decase, we have performed this demonstration in the annual PGA Merchandise Show and golf shows worldwide. In addition, we conduct our demo day activities year round. By now, tens of thousands of golfers worldwide have either witnessed the superior performance of a Harrison or have been satisfactorily fitted by us. This phenomenon demonstrates how significant the performance difference is with a properly fitted Harrison shaft.