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Harrison Announces Shotmaker Tour Plan

Golfers around the world are beginning to understand and experience Shotmaker’s ability to notably improve scoring.  One question that inevitably follows is whether Harrison Sports plans to launch the product on the tour.  Up to this point, we have responded to this legitimate question individually, but we feel it is time to state publicly our position with clarity and certainty.

At the present time, we have no plans to offer the Shotmaker to any tour player until the majority of the tour players are well informed of the Shotmaker’s intended purpose and capabilities and have an ample amount of time for testing and evaluation. 

We strongly encourage all of our dealers to respect the present performance balance on tour and refraim from actively marketing the Shotmaker to any tour player. Harrison Sports is constantly monitoring the global impact of the Shotmaker and its performance results. Our tentative plan is to launch it on tour no earlier than the 2013 tour season. 

First and foremost, as an equipment manufacturer, we must respect the spirit of the game.  It is golf that we owe our existence to, and therefore, it is our duty to preserve and sustain it for generations to come.

Golfers everywhere have demanded more models to increase Shotmaker’s compatibility.  To address this issue, we offer to share freely Shotmaker’s compatibility specifications with any interested golf shaft makers so that they have necessary information to make compatible golf shafts.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that Harrison plans to introduce two new insert models at the 2012 PGA Show.  With these additions, more golfers will be able to experience the dramatic performance enhancement that the Shotmaker is known for.