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Golf Shaft is the Engine

istock_000017645919xsmall_a_347End users frequently ask us, " Will your shaft work well with a particular club head?" By asking this question, the users are taking the position that the club head is the principle component a golf club. We believe that the golf shaft being the engine of a golf club is indisputable. This, however, is a position that a golf club company cannot advocate because they do not make the shaft.

One thing that most golfers today can agree on is how similar most club heads from different vendors look alike. Most claim to have a jumbo size, a thin face, a short hosel and a titanium body. What is amazing is not how different they are; rather, it is how similar they are. If you examine the loft, lie, weight, material, face bulge and roll, and center of gravity, you would be hard pressed to distinguish the difference between two different brands, other than the appearance.

If we ask any person to tell the difference between two hammers that have virtually the same specifications, anyone will easily take the position that the two are too similar to be considered different. However, if we replace these two hammers with two similar drivers by two different vendors, the position taken can be just the opposite. Assuming that we remove the shafts from both drivers, and ask the same person to tell the difference again. Knowing that both driver heads have similar specifications, do you think that this person will still take the position that there are sufficient differences between the two?

The difference between two different drivers are more than likely not due to the difference between the heads, rather, the shafts. Two club heads of similar specifications will play similarly if they have the same shaft. Shaft is the principle component of a golf club, not club head. Shaft is the engine, not club head.