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V4D: Full Interchangeability

Full Interchangeability

Head and Shaft

Bruce Burrows of the Burrows Golf fame was the first to create a perfected interchangeable driver. His invention opened the door to the shaft interchangeability era. Since then nearly every name brand has adopted similar con­cepts to promote proper club and shaft fitting. What this trend has demonstrated is that shaft fitting has become an integral part of the mainstream club fitting process.

With Callaway Golf taking the plunge with the I-Mix system, forward-looking golf companies have come forth to offer packages of one driver head with one to three shafts. We have heard about positive early movement on these packages. An earnest question arises as to its impact on the future of club fitting.

Undeniably, shaft interchangeability makes the job of the club fitter much easier in several respects:


Without interchangeable shafts, the variances that exist between club heads can easily distort the reading from the instrument and cast doubt upon the reliability of key variables, such as launch angle, ball path, etc. With inter­changeable shafts, club head variables are eliminated during the fitting process.


With interchangeable shafts, club fitters and consumers alike no longer need to purchase a dozen driver heads to build a fitting set so that incremental comparison be­tween shafts and heads can be conducted.

Ultimate Fit

The strength of our 4 Mix system is that golfers can mix and match shaft and head to create the ideal combina­tion for ultimate performance. If the design of the head is not suitable for the golfer, he or she can just choose a different head. On the contrary, if the shaft is not the right choice, simply choose a different one while keeping the same head. Only Hathaway’s V Series drivers offer golfers this unique fitting solution.

Even though the 4-Mix system offers unparalleled ver­satility, we strongly recommend that golfers seek the advice of a seasoned club fitter who can detect minute swing variations and recommend an appropriate solution to the problem. However, if golfers should purchase a pre-packaged set of one driver with two shafts, believing that club fitting can now be done without help, this golfer will likely be disappointed. In theory, this golfer hopes to double the probability of a successful fit if the pre-pack­aged shafts are remotely suitable to the golfer. If not, this golfer has just doubled down on a bad situation.

Adjustable clubs with interchangeable shafts represent the next leap in golf technology. It is here to stay, and Hathaway is proud to offer the V Series drivers that are at the leading edge of this development.