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V4D: Full Adjustability

Full Adjustability: Loft, Lie and Face Angle

Since the introduction of Callaway’s I-Mix system in early 2008, we have seen the concept of adjustability adopted by most name brands as well as some component golf companies. The adjustable drivers made by the name brands are generally well thought out and professionally executed.

The adjustable drivers can be divided, based upon the location of the lock, into three categories: top, bottom or side lock. Callaway, Ping, and Nike all employ some form of the top lock system. TaylorMade and Nickent make use of the bottom lock system. The side lock system is offered by a component head company. It uses a set screw by the side of the hosel to lock in the shaft.

The top and bottom lock systems are functionally similar because both systems engage a twist resistant devise in­side the club head. Both the top and bottom lock systems provide a functional and secured connection between the head and the shaft. Most name brands further pro­vide a torque wrench with every head as a protection against over- or under-tightening. This wrench is not commonly offered by component head companies.

The side lock system employs a shaft adaptor with reversed thread on the outside that is mated with an inside-threaded hosel. A set screw by the side of the hosel is used to keep the shaft in place. In our opinion, the side lock system could be a potential hazard as the set screw could easily come loose during play. In addition, as the club is tightened and the compression ring on top of the hosel is depressed, the shaft logo will gradually rotate clockwise out of alignment. If the logo is oriented at a 12 o’clock position when installed, in three months it may well end up at the 9 o’clock position. Logo misalignment could generate some heartache among its users.

Hathaway V Series drivers are built upon our proprietary 4 Max technology. It not only provides full interchangeabil­ity in head and shaft, but also full adjustability in loft, lie and face angle. The V Series drivers employ a bottom lock system.  Their super alloy adapters feature four-way adju­stability: neutral, upright, left (closed), and right (open). As a part of the locking assembly, a light-weight beta titanium screw with a locking ring is used to connect the driver head to the shaft. A T-shaped, self-limiting torque wrench is also included in the package.