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First Annual Robot Shaft Shoot Out

Since our last article about Harrison’s Saga, many clients had shown interest in knowing more about the differences between the Aldila DVS, Fujikura Rombax, Matrix Ozik and Harrison Saga. Therefore, we prepared a simple comparison of their specifications below. Naturally, these specifications were measured by us. To be fair, we stated the testing methods below so that you can verify them yourselves independently. In addition, we asked Golf Lab in San Diego to conduct an independent robot test among these four shafts so that we can all see how differently they perform.

We like to stress that every one of the three shafts from our competition is a fine product in its own right. However, it is fair to assume that for each client that asks for a $ 300 shaft, there should be ten that ask for something less but with comparable performance. If a value-conscious client should visit you, we ask that you keep Harrison Saga in mind.

For the robot shoot out, we used a 9.5 degree Alpha interchangeable drive head. All four shafts were butt cut to 45 1/2” long as measured by Golfsmith method. We installed Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip on every shaft. In this arrangement, the only differences were the shafts themselves. As all four shafts were S flex, Golf Lab suggested that we test them at 100 mph. As a standard Golf Lab robot test protocol, eight center hits were tested on every club. Only 6 of the best shots were recorded. The shaft specifications and test results were presented as follows:




The robot tests were conducted solely by Golf Lab of San Diego without any Harrison personnel present at the test. If you like to review the actual test reports, just give us a call we will be more than happy to provide them to you.

After careful review of the test results, I am sure that you can easily reach the conclusion that Harrison Saga shaft more than lives up to its reputation.