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The Scientific Premises of Shotmaker

Even though Shotmaker has been on the market for one and half year and have accumulated 5 Tour top 10 under its belt, there is still a general lack of understanding as to how Shotmaker works to eliminate S Wave and wobbling clubhead.  It is widely known that wobbling clubhead is a major cause of inaccuracy, but most common reaction to this problem is that clubhead needs to be stabilized.  Not realizing t
  • What Does Shotmaker Do?

    The Shotmaker dampens impact shock and eliminates shaft deformation.
  • Shotmaker : Independent Robot Tests

    Shotmaker is an accuracy boosting golf shaft insert.
  • The Shotmaker Player Tests

    Shotmaker improves driving accuracy by 40%.
  • Shotmaker Reviews at GolfWRX

    This is a collection of user reviews from the GolfWRX forum.
  • Shotmaker Fitting Guide

    Shotmaker is speed and load sentitive. Proper fitting is recommended.
  • User Reviews Supported by Launch Monitor Data

    A list of user reviews supported by launch monitor data.
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