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Shaft Fitting

The Curious Case of Shaft Pricing

One issue that has always intrigued us is how our competition has been able to charge upward of $ 300 for a golf shaft when you can buy a name brand driver for less than $ 150. Some even have expensive shafts pre-installed in them. How can the full club cost only half the price of the shaft by itself? To make sure that we have not committed gross negligence in pricing our own shafts, we decided to conduct a pricing study of s
  • Interchangeable Shafts Equal Better Fitting

    Interchangeable shafts permit true club comparison.
  • What are Shaft Lead and Shaft Lag?

    Lead and lag are the main causes of inaccuracy.
  • A Blind Pursuit of the Next Wonder Shaft

    Harrison shafts are shafts of choice on Tour.
  • Acceleration and Shaft Fitting

    Acceleration is a better gauge to use for fitting.
  • The Indifferent Zone

    When the range is small, our body cannot tell the difference.
  • Shaft Fitting for Fast-Swinging Seniors

    The conventional wisdom in fitting senior golfers
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