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Lower Shaft Deformation = Higher Accuracy

The introduction of the Shotmaker insert made it possible for golfers to see with his/her eyes how lower shaft deformation contributes to higher accuracy.  The publicity surrounding this invention certainly gave shaft designers everywhere additional reasons to pay close attention to minimizing shaft deformation.
  • 2nd Annual Robot Shafts Shoot Out

    Saga shines again at the robot shootout
  • First Annual Robot Shaft Shoot Out

    1st annual robot shafts shoot out results.
  • Dual Face = Maximum Ball Speed

    Dual face is thinner, stronger and hotter.
  • Titanium Driver: Forged vs. Cast

    Cast Ti driver is more accurate than forged.
  • Harrison's Saga

    A brief writeup of Harrison's journey.
  • Harrison vs. Stock Shafts

    Stock shafts are no egual to aftermakert shafts.