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Hathaway Clubs

V4D: Full Adjustability

Full Adjustability: Loft, Lie and Face Angle Since the introduction of Callaway’s I-Mix system in early 2008, we have seen the concept of ad
  • V4D: Full Interchangeability

    V4d driver offers full interchangeability in shaft and clubhead.
  • Titanium Plasma Dual Face

    Hathaway Plasma Dual Face maximizes Ball Speed and sweet Spot.
  • True 4-Way Cambered Sole

    True 4-way cambered sole allows clubface to open or close up to 3 degr
  • Our Shaft of Choice

    Why Harrison Saga is the shaft of choice for Hathaway Golf
  • Dual Furnace Investment Casting

    Dual Furnace Investment Casting